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CBH Testimonials

I love it when customers give me feedback. Here are a few testimonials from CBH Fans!


Beth Edelsten

Hellena’s creations are uniquely styled and inspirational. I brought her items to incorporate into a necklace. She created a one-of-a-kind and beautiful piece and did it in a timely manor. 

Joey Maya.jpg

Joey Maya 

About a year ago, my dad & I bought a gorgeous set of multi-colored coasters from Hellena. We love them so much that we emailed the Santa Monica Farmer's Market in order to reconnect with her and buy another set for our terrace. The artistry is outstanding (look at that jewelry!) and she is the absolute sweetest.

Carol Dullmeyer.jpg

Carol Dullmeyer

I purchased two sets of coasters. Were intended to be gifts but I kept them for myself. Beautiful watercolor type design is lovely. Usability is great, no stains or chips despite us not always being as careful as we should with the coasters. Have to get more for the holidays!


Evelyn Ballesteros

Hellena's designs make the most of the natural beauty and energy in the semi-precious stones and metals that she uses. Her pieces are beautiful and I feel empowered when I wear them.

Felipe 2.jpg

Felipe Velez

Beautiful creations by a passionate artist. My friends love her art on coaster pieces, and I continue to gift them to people I love.

Victoria Clare.jpg

Victoria Clare

My favorite piece of jewelry I have ever owned! I bought a beautiful necklace from Hellena during my visit to LA last month. I never take it off! I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. My favorite part is the high quality- I wear the necklace to the gym, in the shower, and all throughout the day. Still super shiny and no discoloration! I’m asking Hellena to ship me another one because I’m so terrified of losing it. Thanks Hellena for giving me such a special memory from my trip to California! All my New York friends are jealous.

Brandi Mareno.jpg

Brandi Mareno

I recommend that you treat yourself. I have worn a pair of her earrings every day for the last 2 years.

Zoe Thompson.jpg

Zoe Thompson

Hellena does amazing work! our family has had a few pieces of jewelry, trays and coasters made over the years and she never disappoints! Each and every detail is carefully thought out and completely custom. I recently had coasters and plates custom made for my in-laws as a gift from my parents and I was blown away by the colors. Hellena asked what colors they each like and even gave suggestions about which colors would work best together. They arrived looking better than I imagined and everyone loved their gifts! I stongly recommend Creatings by Hellena!

Jerome Desvouges.jpg

Jerome Desvouges

Amazing plates, amazing artist.

This was bought in December and now it's found its home in Saint Germain des Prés, Paris...

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