Some are old, some are new, but they've all become FAVORITES!

EXCITING NEWS! You can now place a "special order" on select Vintage CBH Designs. Click on the image to see if it's available. Please allow extra time as these creations are not in stock. 

Chic Tassle Earrings
Tassle earrings are just plan fun. Love the movement it gives.
Gold Nugget Necklace
Would you believe this used to be a gold crown from a tooth! Yup. My client got it from her dad and she wanted something a little more interesting than carrying an old tooth in her bag. Our collaboration came up with this.
Blue & Green Hexagon Coasters/Trivets
One of my first sets of coaster/trivets. This was BEFORE I fell in love with giving my abstract art designs room to breath.
AI Copper Hoops
AVAILABLE for Special Order!
Cost $30 (tax & shipping not included)

Before I moved to home decor, I was painting Alcohol Ink (AI) on copper earrings. Boy are they a hit!
Gold Hoops - CBH Style
AVAILABLE for Special Order!
Cost: $75 (tax & shipping not included)

With everybody doing hoops, I had to do something just a little bit different. These gold hoops with sterling silver accents were a hit and still are.
Blue & Gold Coaster & Tray set
As my LOVE of "giving my art room the breath" took over, I discovered this technique was actually more challenging than its predecessors. But that challenge helped me grow as an artist.
Mix Metal Arches
AVAILABLE for Special Order!
Cost: $65 (tax & shipping not included)

I love the gentle curve of these metals has they kiss. I did them in every combination under the sun - all gold, all silver, silver and gold, gold and silver.
Copper & Lapis copper beauties. These earrings are recycled copper from a "fold forming" project. The deep blue lapis beads are a great contrast against the warm copper.
Fold Form Copper Bracelet
This is an amazing technique where you take ONE piece of metal and fold form it into a shape.

I found this process very therapeutic as it allowed me to literally pound away any frustrations I was having. Making this beauty took about 3 hours from start to finish. The result is a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.
Agate Blue Hexagon Coasters
An early set of coasters. For these beauties I decided to make each one different with only the color being their connector.
Red Tassle Earrings
This particular pair of tassle earrings made its way to my banner and it's a FAN Favorite! A sign I need to bring these babies back.
Stack Rings
Who knew stack rings would be so popular! After a while I started making sets with gold, silver and rose gold. Boy, they were popular and still are today.
Red & Grey Hexagon Coasters
Love how the deep red and grey AI inks mingle together to form their designs.

Actually the thing that I really love about this process is how people see different images in the coasters.
Artistic Orbit
As my creative energy expanded, I again found myself wanting to put my own spin on hoop earrings. Mixing metals, now a standard for me made these stand out even more with customers.
Rainbow Platter
This rectangle serving platter was begging for a little color so I happily obliged.
Hexagon Coaster Sets
This was my first order to a boutique! My hubby and I did our research and took my babies on the road - literally. After the client saw my samples, she placed an order on the spot!
Jasper Goddess Necklace
This beautiful jasper stone was the perfect complement to this long necklace with sliding leather straps.
Cream, Grey and Gold Hexagon Coasters
This color combination was inspired by a scarf! One of my clients showed me her favorite scarf and asked if I could make coasters in the same color. Who I am so say no!
Turquoise Vase Earrings
I fell in love with these 6mm faceted coin turquoise stones. These beauties sell no matter how I display them.
Agate Blue & Gold Hexagon Coasters
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Red Tassle Earrings

This particular pair of tassle earrings made its way to my banner and it's a FAN Favorite! A sign I need to bring these babies back.