This Gorgeous Charcuterie Board is ready to grace your table!  Perfect when you want to treat yourself to a glass of wine and your favorite cheeses.


Each wood piece highlights its unique grain. This board has been individually hand designed to create unique works of art, with no two pieces exactly alike. Variations in the color and painting are inherent qualities of the technique used to create these designs. These uniqe variations further enhance the interesting character and look of each piece. The abstract art is created with food safe resin.


DETAILS: Length 13.75 in x Width 8 in x Height .75 in

Small Ocean Rectangle Board

  • This board has been washed, conditioned and seasoned with Walrus Oil Cutting Board Oil.  This cutting board oil is 100% food-safe and free of toxins and synthetics, designed for new boards or for reconditioning. Made with Coconut oil, Natural Beeswax, Pure Mineral Oil and Vitamin E.

    • Hand wash only. DO NOT place in the Dishwasher!
    • Allow to air dry before putting away.
    • Periodically season with a  cutting board oil and conditioner.